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Almo Nature are suppliers of high quality, holistic products to the worldwide petfood trade. Until recently, Almo products have been unavailable in the UK. But now you and your pets can benefit from using Almo Nature Pet Food.

Ponderosa started importing Almo Nature products in May 2005 and now that word has got around about how good this natural food is we have quickly become one of the largest importers into the UK and Almo Nature has become one of our best selling lines.

Due to the high quality of the ingredients used by Almo Nature you can be sure that your pet is getting the very best diet to help keep him in tip top condition. The photograph on the right shows the contents of a tin of chicken breast cat food (with a little garnish for artistic reasons). As you can see it is chicken meat not just a brown mush made from "chicken and other animal derivatives". The chicken is free range.

The feedback from cat breeder customers has been astonishing. Without exception all have said that their cats have gone mad for it! All said that their cats ate every bit of food in record time and there is absolutely no waste.

The beauty of Almo Nature is that you know what's in the tin, 75% main ingredient, 24% water that the ingredient is cooked in (so that any nutrients are not discarded) and 1% rice.
All the meat that is used is free range human grade and all fish is ocean caught, not farmed.

As well as tins Almo Nature produce a range of pouches and Holistic dry foods for cats and dogs.

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